ARK 🛍|The New Faith Driven Marketplace™, eCommerce platform and mobile apps! A Christian marketplace for Christian gifts, products, brands, retailers, sellers and 2.4 billion shoppers worldwide! ARK is the Christian alternative to Amazon! 🌎
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ARK™ is The New Faith Driven Marketplace™, eCommerce platform and mobile apps for Christian bookstores, retailers, sellers, products, brands and 408 Million Faith Driven Consumers worldwide!

Join Christian bookstores, retailers and sellers on 6 continents and over 48 countries to date who've registered to open their own store at ARK - The Christian Alternative to Amazon™!

ARK - Shopping for
The Joshua Generation 🛒

ARK™ is The New Faith Driven Marketplace™, retail tech platform and global ecosystem for 2.4 billion Christian shoppers worldwide! A Christian marketplace and digital shopping experience designed to strategically connect Christian sellers, retailers and brands to Faith Driven consumers in the US and 194 more countries worldwide. ARK is The Christian Alternative to Amazon™! 💯

ARK is blessed with registered Faith Driven Retailers in 48 countries to serve 2.4 billion Christian shoppers worldwide! 🌎️

ARK retailers, individual sellers and bible bookstores provides Faith Driven Consumers with unique Christian products, gifts, content, coupons and blessed savings from anointed sellers in an accelerating and emerging global Christian retail market. 📈

Enjoy fellowship in our community at FAITHx™ events as we meet with Christ in the middle and discuss God's Word and a variety of topics pertinent to this generation and how to live for Christ. We are the Joshua Generation™ and we are walking into our Promised Land and all that God has called us to be for His praise, glory and honor. ✝️

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ARK Mission Statement 📜️

ARK's company purpose is to make the most positive and lasting impact for Christ while promoting a strong sense of shared purpose in our local communities, churches and families. It is the primary goal of the business, the essential reason why we exist, to contribute to the salvation of all Christians worldwide while contributing to the common good of all people irrespective of background. Our passion is to see people live out a purpose driven life of service to one another in love, to play a critical part in the healing of broken situations worldwide, and educating all people that through Christ, they can live a life of joy, peace and victory.

TikTok World Premier Videos 🌎️

From ARK Digital Parables™: Our 13th and 14th World Premier videos on TikTok on March 18, 2024 entitled: ARK|The Countdown to The Return & Second Coming of Jesus Christ 🔥 and on January 24, 2024 entitled: ARK|YOU ARE A WARROR FOR GOD ✝️🛡️ ⚔️. Please share with all Christians worldwide!️

Faith Driven Consumers Are
The Most Powerful Worldwide 💪🏻

ARK has spent 16 years studying and researching the Christian retail market and trends and our research revealed that Faith Driven Consumers are the most powerful consumer subset in the history of mankind. There are 41 million Faith Driven Consumers in the US with an annual purchasing power of US$2 trillion in the global marketplace! Worldwide, there is another 367 million Faith Driven Consumers adding an additional US$8 trillion in annual purchasing power!

ARK provides strategic access to the anointed and lucrative Faith Driven Consumer subset in the US and worldwide to accelerate transactions for sellers and retailers of all sizes according to Amos 9:13 MSG.

The psychographic characteristics of Faith Driven Consumers are if given the choice, they actively seek and prefer to do business exclusively with faith-compatible retailers who embrace their Christian values and worldviews in Christ.

ARK's consumer-focused engagement platform and mobile apps offer strategic retail and product placement opportunities for all which includes but is not limited to individual sellers, retailers, family home businesses, Christian bookstores, brand names and companies.

Unlike Amazon, eBay and Etsy which charge various monthly fees for just being on their platform, ARK retailers and sellers can open up their stores with the lowest monthly store fee in the world and NO listing fees!

Sellers and retailers, God's commanded blessings and set time of favor is here for you and your respective retail ministries. Give God praise!

3 Categories of
Buying & Selling
For All Your Needs:

Christian ✝️

Mainstream 💻

Food & Drink 🧃

Garden of Eden

One of ARK's three main selling channels will be food and drink where online sales are projected to reach US$100 billion by 2025. Faith Driven Consumers, nutrionists and health conscious families will be able to shop online in our Garden of Eden™ section from participating local, regional and national grocers and supermarket chains.

Faith Driven shoppers will receive same-day or 2-day home delivery to your front door 🚪 choosing from thousands of fresh, organic and processed foods, drinks and snacks! Within our Garden of Eden™ section we'll introduce our low carb, low sugars Ekklesia community to our ground-breaking Keto Kingdom™ 👑 isles! 😋

ARK will empower low income and food challenged individuals and families to use their SNAP benefits and EBT cards for payment for their grocery shopping convenience. ❤️

Lowest Store Fees in the World! 📈

At ARK, one mandate of our marketplace ministry is to empower all our sellers & retailers to experience greater and increasing profits that can be used for family wealth-creation as well as tithes & offerings to local ministries and outreaches worldwide.️

Unlike Amazon, eBay & Etsy, ARK offers all our sellers the lowest monthly store fee in the world. We maximize your profit margins even greater with 100% free listings whether you have 50 or 5,000 product listings! 🥳🎉 Peace of mind is very important to our walk with God and our health and you'll have plenty of it knowing you're not being nickel-an-dimed like on Amazon, eBay & Etsy. 😭

Blessed Friday Christmas! 🎅🏻

At ARK, there's nothing black about the joyful Christmas shopping season as we celebrate the birth of our risen and resurrected Savior Jesus Christ! 🕊️🙏🏻✝️

Late Thanksgiving evening when the clock reaches 12:00am PST, our anointed Blessed Friday™ shopping weekend and Christmas shopping season officially begins! 🥳🎉

Many ARK stores will offer fantastic, once-a-year savings on thousands of Christian, mainstream and Food & Drink gifts for Faith Driven Consumers, families and Christian shoppers worldwide! Giving gifts at Christmas in honor of the birth of our Savior is a biblical principle as noted by pastor John Piper here.

Consider joining us in Vancouver for Christmas! 🎅🏻🎄🎁

Social Impact - We Tithe 10% ❤️

ARK is a purpose-driven and socially responsible tech marketplace and community. As a Faith Driven company with a Christian social impact model, we direct 10% of our annual net-profit back to the world as digital missionaries in the third millennium for Christ. FAITHx receives these monies and executes FAITHx events and outreaches worldwide. 🌎

Fellowship & discipleship with FAITHx™ ✝️

ARK introduces our official ministry partner at FAITHx™ 🔥!

We'll encourage everyone to honor God, strengthen the bonds of fellowship amongst Believers worldwide and to live out the Christian life with a spirit of excellence.

Our desire is to be used by God to build you up and help you to become everything God has created you to be! Enjoy fellowship and praise to our King as we schedule FAITHx™ ministry events around the world and meet with Christ in the middle and discuss God's Word and a variety of topics pertinent to this generation and how to live for Christ.

FAITHx is excited to announce our first speaker for FAITHx Vancouver 2024, Reverend Calvin Robinson from the UK! Learn more about Calvin's commitment to FAITHx here.

FAITHx Talks™ focuses on Faith, Culture, Entrepreneurship & Technology through ideas, commentary, information and God’s Word. Our goal is to ignite conversation, connection & fellowship!

Register and get tickets for our FAITHx Talks™ Vancouver 2024 ministry event here.

Upcoming FAITHx Events 📆

Vancouver 🇨🇦️

FAITHx Talks™: December 2024

London 🇬🇧

FAITHx Talks™: March 2025

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